​​Contact Centre

Public Courses

​Our Contact Cent​re programmes provide Contact Cent​​re employees and leaders with the knowledge, skills and understanding required to meet and exceed business objectives through high performance. This suite facilitates the essence of having meaningful conversations that will allow Contact Cent​res to reap the rewards of agent retention, a loyal customer base and greater revenue.

​​FETC: Contact Centre Operations

​​Excel in a high-performance contact centre. Develop the 6 critical skills to successfully manage contact centre operations with this FETC qualification.

​Service Level Management     

​Empower yourself with the knowledge and skills that will drive your organisation to comply with service levels as set out in the contact centre industry.

​Coaching and Performance Management

​Understand the Performance Management process, the Coaching process and  Coaching as a Performance Management Tool in detail, to improve agent performance.

​Debt Collections

​Empower yourself with the legislative knowledge and interpersonal skills to be effective in a credit management environment.

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