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From the Desk of the MD​

Lize Moldenhauer

From the Desk of the MD - COVID-19

Part 2 | COVID-19 Lockdown - Time to Change Our Mindset

​“CEO’s across a variety of industries have identified Creativity as one of the most desired leadership qualities for the future” according to Michael. A. Roberto, in his book – Unlocking Creativity.

​How does this statement not ring true! With the unprecedented challenges that COVID-19 and the associated Lockdown has brought, it requires us as leaders to think outside the box – heck we don’t even have a box anymore!

On the evening of the 23rd of March 2020, most business leaders in South Africa braced themselves for what we knew would be the inevitable instruction from our President. We salute President Cyril Ramaphosa for the courageous decision he has made under very trying circumstances.

Now more than ever, all our Leadership skills will be put to the test. We have entered an era of heightened balance between People vs Business sustainability and not to mention the impact that the Moody’s downgrade of South Africa’s credit rating to junk or sub-investment grade will have on us.

This era will require leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs to work collaboratively with various stakeholders; to be creative in the way we strategise business stability and viability under extremely volatile circumstances and the ethics which will govern our decision making.


I personally don’t think anyone has the answers. I think the answers lie in our ability to Collaborate, work with Co-Operative Competition strategies to remain Agile and adapt with Speed, as Change is the one constant within our current business context.

Omni HR Consulting (OMNI) has been one of the fortunate businesses that could by close of business on Thursday the 26th of March, move all staff off-site and resume business by Friday morning via remote virtual teams. We acknowledge, this is not possible for all entities or industries.

What has enabled us to adapt swiftly is our 18-month investment into Digital Transformation Strategies (DTS) deployed across our business. We have been extremely fortunate as our investment into DTS has been welcomed by our staff, clients and learners.

In the book ‘Exponential Organisations’ Salim Ismail (the author) talks about the corporate immune system. He writes:

"The organisation’s immune system will go on overdrive to attack and disarm any disruptive innovation or new element threatening to change how the organisation’s body currently functions."

Engaging the full immune system is so crucial when implementing strategies that could be viewed or experienced as disruptive or threatening. This highlights OMNI’s robust immune system that has seen creativity and innovation as a boost and not as a threat. Our immune system (staff, clients and learners) have curiously and actively engaged with the creative and innovative strategies linked to our digital transformation.

Collectively we have been able to pilot, run test-cases, do project research and implement MVP (minimal viable product) strategies over the last 18-months. Some of these strategies include:

  1. Learning and development solutions that allow for dirty learning, distance, remote, virtual and e-Learning.
  2. Self-directed learning culture for time of CHANGE and VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity).
  3. ACORN - a leadership and change management approach to support a different way of approaching how organisation’s and their people do business and learn.
  4. Virtual Learning Support provides an opportunity for structured online support and progress checks with a subject-matter expert/coach for individuals who are completing learning pathways.

None of this would have been possible without the entire immune system engaged and committed to transformation, thank you!

​We look forward to our continued engagement and commitment to change as the future of disruption it seems is here to stay. My team and I are here to support, so feel free to reach out for a virtual coffee-chat.

​My encouragement to you today is let’s go beyond the box! Even in this time of uncertainty and disruption

With Regards,
Lize Moldenhauer

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