​The Message Trust - Nyanga ​Hub:

2019 CSR Flagship Project



​On your Marks...

Our Flagship CSR project for the year takes place in the township of Nyanga​. A philosophy within OMNI is to make a difference within the communities we serve. Like a community, we know that it takes the active involvement from multiple stakeholders to ensure a sustainable difference is made.

Allow us to introduce the stakeholders who would be playing a significant role transforming the community of Nyanga.


​Get Set...

​Marking the territory for change in Nyanga meant we needed to get ready along-side the local community. Mkhululi Letsatsi, who is the Project Leader of Message Nyanga, explains the importance of breaking the ground​ to "get set" to effect change.




The structural development of the community project unfolds, where various suppliers have offered their support of not only this project but our intent to make a difference in Nyanga. The stakeholders involved, includes the local church, OMNI,​ JP Cupboards, Abacus Electrical, Big Box, Top Floor and the Local Community.



​​Watch this space as our journey unfolds or follow us on You​Tube to get our latest real-time updates.

Nyanga youth development project