​The Message Trust - Nyanga ​Hub:

2019 CSR Flagship Project



​On your Marks...

Our Flagship CSR project for the year takes place in the township of Nyanga​. A philosophy within OMNI is to make a difference within the communities we serve. Like a community, we know that it takes the active involvement from multiple stakeholders to ensure a sustainable difference is made.

Allow us to introduce the stakeholders who would be playing a significant role transforming the community of Nyanga.


​Get Set...

​Marking the territory for change in Nyanga meant we needed to get ready along-side the local community. Mkhululi Letsatsi, who is the Project Leader of Message Nyanga, explains the importance of breaking the ground​ to "get set" to effect change.




The structural development of the community project unfolds, where various suppliers have offered their support of not only this project but our intent to make a difference in Nyanga. The stakeholders involved, includes the local church, OMNI,​ JP Cupboards, Abacus Electrical, Big Box, Top Floor and the Local Community.




We are exceptionally proud to announce that Functional Training is well underway in the community of Nyanga.

The after-school programmes have made a significant impact on the lives of the young people who are in attendance. The following programmes are covered: Computer-Literacy; Languages (Literacy); Numeracy; Kingdom Lifestyle and Football Leadership training.

We are looking forward to our continuous involvement in the transformation journey we have started within this community along-side Mkhululi Letsatsi (Project Leader of Message Nyanga) and the Message Trust.

If you want to support our initiative or get involved, please get in touch with us. We would love to hear from you!