Part 1 | From the Desk of the MD – COVID-19

From the Desk of the MD - COVID-19

Lize Moldenhauer

From the Desk of the MD - COVID-19

​Please note​we are now at ​level 4​ of the national lockdown and still ​operating remotely.

Our team is fully functional and will be operating remotely. You are welcome to connect with us in a method most convenient to you.

Part 1 | ​​Time of unprecedented uncertainty

In the current climate of volatility, it is important to ensure that “short-term-ism” is not our strategy. We need to consider various scenarios to ensure long term survival especially in light of the challenges that presents itself with the current global health crisis and the associated impact on the global economic and social construct of our time. As leader I want to give you my personal guarantee that our collective aim at Omni is to work with you in ensuring we assist in whatever way possible to curb the potential impact of delayed strategies and operational implementation plans. One thing is sure, the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is forcing us to do things differently. Agile strategies and creative solutions are required for us to navigate the uncertainty. Omni has over the past 18-months developed digital transformation strategies specifically to deal with the needs that a time like this will force us to recognise. Our intent was for a more long-term view and paced implementation in line with sector or industry maturity, however at Omni we have realised that to support you, as a valued client, we need to engage and collaborate proactively so that we are able to help navigate these turbulent waters. The specific strategies that we are able to implement immediately are:

  1. ​Current learning and development solutions have contingencies to allow for distanceremote and e-learning. Our operations team will assist in planning and adapting implementation plans in line with your organisational strategies for the short term, to ensure long term goals are still achieved.

  2. Support internal Learning and Development to enable self-directed learning culture in this time of volatility.

  3. Masterclasses on ACORN - a leadership and change management approach to support the different way of approaching how organisations and their people do business and learn.

  4. Face-to-face training will continue with specific contingencies in line with your needs. Please refer to operational support protocol.

  5. Virtual Learning Support will be provided to all clients. Please refer to IT support protocol.

  6. Migration of face-to-face learning to virtual learning. Please engage our Operational Executive, Cindy Londt ( for support and collaboration

​I believe our biggest ally is co-operation and collaboration. We need to provide support and open lines of communication so that we can aid each other in this uncertain time to the benefit of all parties. Our success lies in your success and as we have seen over the past few weeks, we are a delicate Eco-system that requires us to operate with the bigger picture in mind.

​Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns.

With Regards,
Lize Moldenhauer

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