CSR Flagship Projects / Campaigns for 2018

Human Trafficking Awaresness and Prevention

​Our aim with this project is to UNITE to protect our woman and children and say STOP! to exploitation by human traffickers.  ​

 Schoonspruit Secondary  School

Schoonspruit Secondary School is the ONLY Focus School for the Arts in the West Coast Education District. The Focus School project ended in 2016/2017.

About Us ​

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a strategic business function and forms part of OMNI’s transformation agenda. The “heart” of our business is to make a difference in the communities which we serve. We are committed to the empowerment, development, upliftment and growth of our people, which comprises of our employees, suppliers, customers and the local community. 

        Megan Hultzer, CSR         Manager

​CSR Portfolio's

Community Development

Develop and empower selected profit and non-profit organisations and individuals.

Enterprise Development

Supporting enterpises to enhance their business skills and growing their business.

Supplier Development

Increase performance and productivity of selected suppliers through skill development and resource support.

Employ​e​e Development

Develop professional and personal skills as well as enhance overall employee wellness.