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Omni HR Consulting Announces CSR Flagship Project for 2019

Nyanga youth development project

Announced by Megan Hultzer, the Corporate Social Responsibility Executive at Omni HR Consulting; “our flagship project for 2019 takes place in the township of Nyanga, often referred to as ‘the murder capital of the world.'”  The 12th of April marks the official opening of the Nyanga Message Trust Hub.

New ground preparation in Nyanga

In our desire to make a difference in the community, we realise this cannot be done alone or in isolation. OMNI has partnered with The Message Trust by funding the infrastructure in the form of a local office [for The Message] that will also function as a classroom. The funds will further be used to run various after-school programmes and provide each learner with a nutritious meal, daily.

The after-school programmes aim to assist youth in gaining access to both further education and workplace opportunities. “Operating in the further education and training space, we experience, first-hand, the barriers to growth and development our adult learners face when they do not meet the fundamental entry-level requirements for the programmes they want to enrol in,” says Hultzer

As the project unfolds, we aim to capture the moments of transformation within the community. Periodic updates will be provided through the OMNI website on https://www.omnihrc.com/csr/

Should you wish to get involved (in any way or form) or simply want more information about this project, please get in touch with Megan Hultzer on megan@omnihrc.com or (021) 685 9160

OMNI HR Consulting announced as a 2018 Oliver Top Empowerment Finalist

Against strong competition, Omni HR Consulting has been confirmed as a Finalist in the 17th annual Oliver Top Empowerment Awards, in the category Top Empowered Company: Education and Training. They will compete for the Winner’s Trophy on 12 April, at Emperors Palace.

2018 Oliver Top Empowerment FinalistIn its 17th year, the Oliver Top Empowerment Awards recognises companies and individuals for their contribution and commitment to empowerment in South Africa; acknowledging the efforts of businesses, civil society, the public sector and outstanding individuals. According to Top Media and Communication Marketing and Events Director Karla Fletcher: “Our judges were seriously impressed by the calibre of entries received this year. Dividing winners from finalists will not be easy for them. Every leading business has a core priority that it pursues, whether that is to be a sustainability leader, an innovator or an employer of choice. The marketplace should know that all of our finalists have been astutely researched and shown to be the best at what they do.”

Through their recognition on the national stage, past Oliver Top Empowerment Finalists and Winners have ignited the ambition of peers in their sector, to pursue a similar high water-mark and Omni HR Consulting aims to do the same. Adam Samie, CEO at Lion of Africa Insurance shares how the Oliver Top Empowerment Awards is an impactful platform to showcase pioneers in transformation: “Since being awarded the Oliver Empowerment Diversity Award, Lion of Africa Insurance has been featured in a number of industry specific publications talking about the Award and the importance of implementing employment equity practices in an organisation. This is an important platform to use in order to encourage the industry to take a proactive steps in transformation. It has always been a strategic imperative for our organisation to be an empowered company. Winning the Diversity Award at the 11th Oliver Empowerment Awards means that we have been vindicated for encouraging diversity and empowerment, and will continue to support these values in the insurance industry.”

Sponsors include Nedbank, North West Parks Board, 20/20 Insight, AVBOB, Saya-Setona, VBS Mutual Bank and the Department of Science and Technology.

For more information on Omni HR Consulting’s Oliver Top Empowerment Awards journey, please contact Cassandra Julius on cassandra@omnihrc.com or (021) 685 9160
13 Feb 2018 13:09

Schoonspruit Secondary, a Focus School for the Arts

Schoonspruit Secondary

Schoonspruit Secondary is one of ten general mainstream schools in the Western Cape that was transformed into a Focus School of the Arts in 2005. Situated in Malmesbury; SchoonSpruit is the only focus school for the arts in the West Coast Education District.

In 2016/2017 the Focus School project ended and as such, no additional funding was received, apart from the specified quantity to sustain the specific needs of the Creative Arts subjects.

Funding is extremely valuable to both the teachers and learners in their pursuit to execute the Creative Arts curriculum at the school.

The Subject Advisor at the West Coast Education District, Mr Deon Burger approached Omni HR Consulting (Pty) Ltd to secure a sponsorship for the school. The sponsorship would surround all the needs expressed by the teachers within the Dance, Design, Visual Arts, Drama and Music departments. The request was received in the form of a “priority list” to enable functionality and teaching of the subjects.  Additionally, a “wish list” was received, which noted items that would equip the students with the tools to effectively operate within their area of talent.

The request was presented to Megan Hultzer, the Corporate Social Responsibility Manager at Omni HR Consulting (Pty) Ltd for evaluation. Hultzer says, “at Omni, one of our core philosophies is to make a difference in the communities we serve. Schoonspruit represents a community in which Omni was able to make an impactful difference. Students have shown commitment to apply themselves irrespective of the circumstances which surround them.” A flagship social theme for Omni HR Consulting (Pty) Ltd this year is to focus on initiatives impacting vulnerable women and children. Omni HR Consulting was able to support Schoonspruit with most of their supplies and requirements to effectively implement the curriculum.

A Visual Arts celebration was hosted on the 3rd August at the school to showcase Grade R-9 learners’ artwork. A variety of themes would be integrated into either 2-D or 3-D art pieces, such as: I am a South African artist too, Mirror Mirror, High Five, My Contribution, Behind the Mask, Water, #Iam. A total of twelve selected learners, from schools in the West Coast Education District including Schoonspruit, will take part in the Provincial Visual Arts exhibition, held in September at the P.J. Olivier Art Centre in Stellenbosch.

2 Aug 2018 13:04

OMNI HR Consulting recognised as Top Performing Company

Top Performing Company

Top Performing Companies and Public Sector is a business-to-business publication that showcases and celebrates remarkable South African organisations in both the public and private sectors. Organisations are thoroughly researched and top performers are listed in the prestigious publication based on their commitment to the triple bottom line, considering elements such as: people, planet and profit.

“It is with absolute humility that we share Omni HR Consulting’s recognition within the circle of Top Performing Companies. Being acknowledged for doing good business is not what it is about. What we do will not be possible without the phenomenal teams who represent OMNI nationally. Our growth, our journey, our ability to stretch boundaries, charter new waters is based on a collective effort from all stakeholders;” says Marketing Executive, Cassandra Julius.

Lize Moldenhauer, Managing Director notes: “I am extremely proud to be part of such an amazing organization and team.” OMNI’s underlying philosophy to continuous success is that we are driven by the relationships we have with our customers, learners, suppliers and employees (“our people”). Our commitment to “our people” knows few boundaries and you will find the Omni team to be trustworthy and reliable, and that we conduct ourselves in a manner that reflects the professionalism of our Omni Brand. We firmly believe in creating standards that others are drawn to and creating collaborative partnerships to make a sustainable difference in the communities we serve.

For more information, please contact Cassandra Julius – Marketing Executive on cassandra@omnihrc.com or (021) 685 9160
13 Aug 2018 13:13


OMNI HR Consulting gets accredited with the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations

The core focus of Omni HR Consulting is to provide customers with innovative, relevant and industry-related training and development solutions, which will meet the skills development needs of their human capital and talent pipeline.

A development within the education landscape was the introduction of the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) in 2010 which presented the philosophy that classroom-based learning (theoretical and practical modules) in addition to occupational workplace-based learning would be a requirement to be certified within the QCTO framework. This naturally posed a divided view within industry as to the benefits and functionality of QCTO as a quality body in South Africa. Omni chose to be a part of the change in landscape as opposed to rejecting the changes.

The QCTO was established in line with the Skills Development Act with its role among others to assess and certify occupational qualifications, including trades, on the Occupational Qualifications Sub-Framework (OQSF).

An incredible feat for Omni HR Consulting was to receive full accreditation as a skills development provider with the QCTO on the 29th June 2018 as the first private provider to offer the following two qualifications: Occupational Certificate: Training and Development Practitioner (Learning and Development Practitioner), NQF Level 5 and Occupational Certificate: Sales Assistance (General Retail Sales Advisor), NQF Level 3.

Cindy Londt, Operations Executive, notes that “for Omni, work-integrated learning is a fundamental component applied within its current accredited qualifications. This component, along with our coaching and learning support model, assists learners in making meaning of their learning and how this applies to the world of work.” The QCTO relies on the methodology of work-integrated learning and as such requires business to partner with training providers to ensure those participating in occupational qualifications have the opportunity within a workplace to practically apply their knowledge and skills.

There are very clear benefits for both the workplace and the learners. Business will receive more skilled and relevant individuals that would transition easier into the world of work. “Often, we hear learners say they have studied and have a list of qualifications, however no work experience. What the QCTO qualification does, it forces the work-integrated learning component, and as a result, learners’ have 70% of their learning occur in the workplace. Fundamentally every learner not only walks away with a qualification but eight to twelve months of workplace experience” adds Londt.

OMNI will be hosting a series of webinars to share lessons learnt, our views and approach to work-integrated learning as a model that should be deployed to build talent pipelines and create sustainable employment. Please follow our social media pages for more details.

For more information, please contact Cindy Londt – Operations Executive on cindy@omnihrc.com or Jasmine Sultan – ETQA Manager on jasmine@omnihrc.com

Omni HR Consulting Announced as a 2018 National Business Awards Finalist

2018 National Business Awards Finalist

National Business Awards has announced its first round of finalists for the 16th annual National Business Awards. Omni HR Consulting was announced as a 2018 National Business Awards finalist in the Corporate Citizenship award category. Omni HR Consulting will compete against other finalists in this category for the winner’s trophy at Emperors Palace on 15 November.

The awards recognise companies with outstanding performance in areas including sustainability, customer focus, tech innovation and fast growth. With its rigorous research and criteria, the accolade is recognised as a benchmark for business excellence.

Commenting on the achievement, Cassandra Julius, Marketing Executive at Omni HR Consulting, said, “We are exceptionally humbled to have been identified as a top-performing company. Being announced as a finalist is recognition of our teams’ hard work, dedication, passion and willingness to make a difference in the communities we serve. We are committed to driving sustainable change and growth in the South African economy.”

Through their recognition on the national stage, past National Business Awards finalists and winners have ignited the ambition of peers in their sector to pursue a similar high-water mark and Omni HR Consulting hopes to do the same.

“We are tremendously excited by the entries we received at the National Business Awards this year. For the first time we have added sector-specific categories, allowing us to celebrate the growth leaders across the South African economy. Helping us celebrate their successes on the night, VIP speakers Colin Coleman from Goldman Sachs, Bonang Mohale from Business Leadership South Africa and Asha Patel from Google SA will be in attendance. It really promises to be a stellar event,” says Van Fletcher, Director at Top Communications and Media.

For more information on Omni HR Consulting’s National Business Awards journey, please contact Cassandra Julius, on cassandra@omnihrc.com or (021) 685 9160. For category sponsorship, media or awards table enquiries, email: nadia.martiz@topco.co.za or call 0860 009 590. Visit www.nationalbusinessawards.co.za for more information and view video highlights here.

Oliver Top Empowerment Awards

Oliver Top Empowerment AwardsThe Oliver Top Empowerment Awards, follows on from the Top Empowerment Conference. The annual awards ceremony aims to recognise outstanding leaders, individuals and organisations exemplifying inspiration, leadership and action for sustainable empowerment.

Omni participated in the category – Top Empowered Education and Training Company and was awarded a Finalist accolade in this category for 2018.


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