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WIL it Work?

WIL it work

Published in the Skills Development supplement of the Sunday Times Newspaper in July 2018, Omni did a feature on Work-Integrated Learning and the benefits to the various stakeholders involved.

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WIL article also available online at Sunday Times Skills

Supplier Development – Getting the entire Organisation on board

Supplier Development – Getting the entire Organisation on board

Opinion Piece Excerpt

Supplier Development initiatives (SDIs) do not form part of the natural course of business. It is safe to assume many organisations would not have engaged or known how to engage in SDI until the Broad-Based Black Economic (B-BBEE) Codes outlined activities that may contribute to Supplier Development.

Who ultimately owns the SDI though? In many instances the strategy to be deployed is decided by top management and delegated to a transformation manager (if you have one) or to the procurement manager (or team); again, if you have those roles within your organization. Being in the people business, we understand that building and nurturing relationships are what underpins all we do. Why should this be different when it comes to Enterprise or Supplier Development?

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upplier Development – Getting the entire Organisation on board

Author: Cassandra Julius, Marketing Manager, OMNI HR Consulting (Pty) Ltd

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The Business Day in March 2018 hosted a Job Creation and Supplier Development breakfast in Johannesburg. Subsequently, a mini-publication was developed, called “Beyond the Scorecard” where organisations/industry could contribute to the Thought Leadership section. A web-platform hosts profiles of participating organisations together with articles and thought leadership contribution pieces.  Omni’s web-profile can be accessed on Business Essentials.